Fear Matrix Removal


      Identify the fears you wish to release. It helps to write them down. For the first time make a list of 20 fears. All feelings and emotions that are not love are based in fear frequencies. Include fear of forgiveness.                
2.      Identify and call forth your team, your I AM Presence and two Ascended Masters. You may use the same ones I use if you do not have other preferences, Vywamus and Dwahl Kuhl. Whomever you choose forms a very powerful triangle of energies. As you call this team forth. notice the loving energy that comes in and around you. By clearing the core fear matrices from your bodies you also bless the planet. Therefore, it is a joyous service for your team.
3.       Speak the request out loud or in your mind.  
          Example:  "Beloved I AM Presence, Vywamus and Djwal Kuhl, please remove the core fear matrix attached to the list of 20 fears and all of the patterns attached to these fears. Examples: fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, physical (inability to move, poor eyesight, nausea), emotional (terror, anger), mental (denial, negative criticism of self and others), spiritual (separate-from-God thinking, fear of God)”.
         You can ask the patterns to be released without identifying them or you can be as specific about these patterns as you wish. If you do identify them, the patterns do not need to be identified by category; just list them.
4.                 From where do you want the fears to be released?
          Release these fears and patterns from all of my bodies in my present life, physical, etheric, emotional, mental), from all aspects of myself, from all dimension, known and unknown, from all incarnations across space and time, from my genetic lineage, from my spiritual lineage, from all parallel and alternate realities, from all parallel and alternate universes, from all planetary systems, from all source systems, and from all places where these fears and patterns may be that we have not mentioned.”
5.                 Ask for assistance from the medical teams from the medical ship, The Phoenix, hovering in our outer atmosphere:
         “I call for the medical teams from the Phoenix to come forth and release all of the following connected to the identified fears and patterns: structures, devices, machines, entities, parasites, orientations, crystals, suction cups, hidden micro chips; antennas not of my bodies, entities and or their effects, all etheric imprints from death and torture devices, all etheric wounds from these devices and other death devices such as bullets, knives, hanging, swords, arrows and clubs. I call for all available healing energies to enter and surround my bodies in my parallel lives, thereby assisting the Medical teams. I ask for restoration of perfection with balance and harmony in all of my bodies and places where these fears and patterns have been removed.”
6.                 This begins the clearing and MAY TAKE AS LONG AS THREE DAYS TO COMPLETE. 
     7.                 We now call in the CLEAN UP CREW, ANGEL POWER!
              “Beloved Blue Angels with the blazing blue swords come forth and cut all attachments between the fears and patterns and all persons, places, conditions and things in my being and world.”
                You can be specific about this or general as stated above. Notice the energy moving around you. 
               “Beloved Violet Angels come forth and blaze the Violet Consuming Flame up through my feet and into every cell in my body, consuming all disqualified and discredited energy and all cell memory the memory of the memory and habits and memory of the habits attached to these fears and patterns.”
                Both of these angel groups coordinate their cleansing activities with the team removing the core fear matrix and the medical team. They stay with you for as long as it takes. You can muscle response test to determine how long it will take.
8.                 Praise and Gratitude lifts you and connects you to your Spirit and the cosmic beings. Bless, praise and thank your assistants as often as you wish. You cannot overdo it.
9.                 Forgiveness. This is very important and must come from your Heart center with deliberate intent. When you are ready place one or both hands over your heart center.
         Beloved I AM Presence, I call forth the law of forgiveness, I call forth the law of mercy, I call forth the Love from deep within my HeartCenter. I forgive MYSELF and ALL OTHERS who helped me create these fears and patterns.”
          Pause and notice any resistance. You may have to do a fear release related to Forgiveness. If you are not satisfied that it cleared, do the Forgiveness again.
10.            The Power of Love. You have just experienced a powerful removal of energy from your bodies. Replace all cell memory and patterns of fear with Love by making the following request:
         “Beloved I Am Presence pour through the Crown of my head your Gold and White Light, cleansing, purifying, beautifying, sanctifying and increasing the Light in every cell, thereby rewriting cellular memory with Love and giving me an ever-expanding capacity to Love Myself, Others, the Planet and all that live in her, on her and above her and the Universe, and giving me an ever-expanding capacity to accept Love from Myself, from Others, from the Planet and all that live in her, on her and above her, and the Universe and the Void. So Be It! So It Is!"